About Alice

Hi! My Name is Coach Alice Woolford

At Divinely Connect, we are passionate about empowering women to step into their God-given vision. With over 30 years of experience as a licensed minister and a respected leader in the community, I am dedicated to helping you overcome delays, distractions, obstacles, and overwhelm. Our faith-based coaching services, backed by biblical principles and application, provide the guidance and support you need to start an online business, gain spiritual strength, and increase self-awareness for holistic growth—emotionally, financially, and spiritually. Let’s ignite your potential, rise up with courage, and find fulfillment in every aspect of your life.


What They Say

Alice is one of the most passionate people I know. Engaging with others, whether through her consultation, mentorship, ministry or just being a friend, it is amazing how she helps those around her, embrace their value to themselves and others. 
I am blessed to be both a friend and business colleague.”
Doris K Finley

Independent Business Owner

Don’t let the devil beat you out of what God got you standing in! 

Keep doing what God has called you to do. Momma loves you, always!”

The Late Mother Oletha Golatt

The Preacher's Wife

“”I enjoyed taking the Vision Writing Course with Coach Alice. It was inspirational and rewarding. It motivated me to step outside the box introducing me to new tools and spiritual techniques. After putting these tools into use, I was able to control and organize my thoughts as well as improve my health.
I now understand the importance of writing down my vision for a more complete sight of my life’s journey.”
Sharon Bankhead

New Business Entrepreneur

“Before working with Coach Alice, I was struggling with locating natural health information for my eyes. 

She helped me research and find a natural solution that I could share  information with my physician.

Today, I am happy to report that I am experiencing good results with my eyesight because of her willingness to share and help find a solution, along with intercessory prayer.  I highly recommend working with Coach Alice Woolford.

Pastor Lenora Harris

Manager of Tax & Financial Services

“Before working with Coach Alice, I was struggling with getting my thoughts on paper to complete the journey of mentoring our young leaders that there is something greater and they can make a difference. Coach Alice inspired and helped me to develop my dream of inspiring other ladies become a reality.” 
Coach Alice is also a fashion distributor and I love to shop ACFashions1.
Minister Barbara Lunon

CEO Barbara's Advocacy Services

“I was struggling with how to take the women’s ministry to another level. She helped me work through barriers to quiet time with God and working on social media platforms. Today, I am spending time with God and activating my vision for the women’s ministry. 
If you are struggling with stepping into your God-given dream and activating the vision, I highly recommend working with Coach Alice Woolford.”
Lady Annie Allen

Leader of Women's Ministry